2021 sees Greece and the Greek diaspora celebrating the 200 year anniversary of the War of Independence and the creation of the modern Greek state.

To celebrate this event the Greek Community of Melbourne and Victoria, with the support of the official Greece21 committee, has created a year long program of events for your enjoyment.

March 20+21

The Lonsdale Street Greek Musical Festival.

March 26

Annual Greek Community of Melbourne Cocktail Party

March 28

The Annunciation of Our Lady feast day

May 29

Musical Odyssey: 200 years of Greek Independence

June 11

Death of a Romantic: Lord Byron and the influence of the Romantic movement on the Greek world

June 19

(Super)heroes of 1821:heroes of a Revolution: The Good, The Bad, and The Gory

June 25-27

The Greek Writer’s Festival: Mythologising context and identity

June 30


September 15

200 Years of Flavour: Flavours of Greece 2021

September 23

Youth Summit

October 20-31

The 27th Greek Film Festival

October 31

The Inaugural Grecian Ball

Greek History and Culture Seminars


4: Did the Greek Revolution of 1821 really happen? Myths, counter-myths and historical knowledge. presented by Prof Vrasidas Karalis

11: Manto Mavrogenous: Between Two Worlds presented by Dr Eleftheria Zei (Presented in Greek)

18: Growing Up Greek: Intergenerational Dialogues facilitated by Prof Joy Damousi

25: Greece’s 1821 as an International Event: its Impact on America presented by Prof Alexander Kitroeff


1: Visions of freedom in the Greek World presented by Prof Paschalis Kitromilides

8: Thebes: The Forgotten city of Ancient Greece presented by Prof Paul Cartledge

15: 1821 Birth of a Nation State presented by Prof Thanos Veremis

22: Practicing toward virtue, or, why it shouldn’t hurt to be good presented by Prof Margaret Cameron


6: Battle of Crete veterans that played AFL presented by Barbara Cullen

13: Pontian Genocide Memorial Seminar presented by Dean Kalimniou

20: Ottoman Perceptions of the Greek Revolution presented by Dr Leonidas Moiras

27: The Tomb of the Diver: Life, Death and Drinking in the Ancient Greek World presented by Dr Gillian Shepherd


3: Hydra and the Flame of the Revolution presented by Alexander Billinis

10: The iconic status of Theodore Vryzakis’s ‘The Exodus of Messolonghi’, 1853: 19th century Philhellene art in the service of Greek nationalism presented by Dr Spiridoula Demetriou

17: The Kodjabashis and their role in tax and political operations of Christian communities in the Late Ottoman Empire presented by Dr Socrates Petmezas (presented in Greek)

24: Cyprus and 1821: Myths, Realities, Forgetting and Remembering presented by Assoc Prof Andrekos Varnava


1: Battle of Navarino presented by Dr Dimitris Gonis

8: Who fought whom in 1821 and where to find the Sultan? The socioeconomic situation of Morea (Peloponnese) on the eve of the Greek Revolution presented by Dr Anna Vlachopoulou

15: Revolution interrupted: the form of the Greek state in the eyes of Riga’s Pheraios, St Kosmas and Adamantios Korais presented by Dean Kalimniou

22: The Chios Massacre (1822): British Humanitarianism and Chiot Emigration presented by Yianni Cartledge

29: Threads of Life: Greek Textiles through the Centuries presented by Kathryn Gauci


5: Cold War Immigrants: Left, Right and the Orthodox Church presented by Prof Joy Damousi & Prof Sheila Fitzpatrick

12: The Battle of Manzikert (1071): Tipping Point in Byzantine History? presented by Dr James Kane

19: In memory of Theodoros Kolokotronis (1770 – 1843) presented by Dr Stavroula Nikoloudis

26: Constantinos A. Doxiadis: A visionary urban planner who left his mark on cities around the world… and grew tomatoes in Queensland presented by Dr Aris Gounaris


2: Who is a Greek citizen? – the constitutional articles of the Greek Revolution 1821-1832 presented by Juliana Charpantidou (presented in Greek)

9: Twice a stranger: revisiting the legacy of queer refugee singer Kostas Nouros presented by Michael Alexandratos

16: Monster & Colossus: Letters between Greek writer Costas Taktsis & Australian artist Carl Plate & their families in cosmopolitan post-war Sydney presented by Dr Cassi Plate

23: Dimitris Tsaloumas Memorial Lecture presented by Prof Nikos Papastergiadis

30: The International Resonance of the Greek Revolution presented by Prof Antonis Liakos (presented in Greek)