George Kouvaros

George Kouvaros is Professor of Film Studies in the School of the Arts and Media. Located at the intersection of film and media studies, Professor Kouvaros’ most recent body of work deals with the relationship between photographic media and migration. The findings drawn from this work have been disseminated in five sole-authored monographs published locally and internationally including Famous Faces Yet Not Themselves: The Misfits and Icons of Postwar America (2010), Awakening the Eye: Robert Frank’s American Cinema (2015) and The Old Greeks: Photography, Cinema, Migration (2018) His research has also been published in numerous leading journals such as New German Critique, Screen, Paragraph, Textual Practice and Screening the Past, and also includes numerous book chapters, review articles and interviews with leading international filmmakers.

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Sun 2 Jun | The Old Greeks: Movies and the Memory of Migration