Greek Youth Summit: Part 1 ΦACTORY

August 28

Ride a conveyor belt 🏭 through the variety of connections that exist in the Greek community.
12-2pm: Network with prominent Greek-Australian figures from a variety of industries to bolster your professional identity and awareness #industry 📸
3-5pm: Then, your day flips on its head into a youth-focused cultural expo, showcasing creative Greek-inspired projects through different mediums #culture 🎨🎮
Throughout: You can also attend a series of solution-oriented workshops to find your fit in the community and “hack” some pertinent issues #community 🧬
5-6:30pm: Maybe (definitely) we’ll throw a party… 🧿
PS. If you/your friend has a cool side project that is Greek-inspired, dob yourself/them in, we have to see it →