Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Alice Fraser-Chronos

Chronos means time, and this is a show about time for an hour. We’re all running out of it, one way or another. Spend some of yours watching Alice Fraser turn time inside out and back to front. It’ll be fun! It’s a comedy show! No-one’s going to die, except you know… we’re all going to die.

Comedian, writer, podcaster, and performer Alice (‘The Bugle’, Amazon Prime, Just For Laughs Australia: Live) is also a word geek, insatiable academic, ex-corporate lawyer and banjo aficionado. She has written, produced, directed and performed in sold-out shows from Edinburgh to London, New York to Cambridge and many places in between.

Alice’s 2015 festival show Savage sold out seasons and garnered phenomenal critical acclaim at Melbourne International Comedy Festival and Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
The follow-up to this,The Resistance, Alice’s 2018 solo show Ethos and the ground-breaking Savage are all available to view world-wide on Amazon Prime Video.

A prolific, award-winning podcaster, Alice is also well known to comedy aficionados for her regular co-hosting on Andy Zaltzman’s cult UK podcast ‘The Bugle’, her own daily satirical news podcast ‘The Last Post’ as well as her original ‘Tea With Alice’ teacast.

Don’t miss the inimitable Alice Fraser as she performs her newest creation, Chronos, for Australian audiences for the very first time.

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