Melbourne International Comedy Festival: Josh Glanc-In a one-piece crotch-cut short-sleeve polo

He’s won multiple awards, sold out festival seasons and now he’s back home, fresh from a virus-ravaged UK to perform for the first time in a year. Lucky he has his one-piece crotch-cut polo.

If you’ve never seen a Josh Glanc show they’re ‘absurd and dynamic’ (Fest Mag), ‘exciting, chaotic and unpredictable’ (Edinburgh Festival Mag). They’re critically acclaimed, furnished with props, costumes and musical cues, and ‘indisputably energising’ (Herald Sun). Until COVID killed comedy he was causing a stir in the UK. Now he’s back and ‘defiantly one to watch’ (The Age).

As seen on ABC’s Comedy Up Late, Channel 10, Mr Box (UK) and the BBC (UK), don’t miss this ‘master of craze’ and ‘joyous purveyor of stage oddity’ from the ‘ex-lawyer turned law unto himself’ (The Guardian, UK).

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