Pittsburgh (play in Greek)

We are delighted to announce that Pittsburgh, the highly acclaimed theatre production loved by audiences and critics alike, which played to sell out crowds throughout Greece- will be seen at The Greek Centre from 3rd to 5th May 2019.

The play which is in Greek, is based on the heart-warming book “Pitsiburgo” by Soti Triantafyllou. It is love story about newlyweds forced to separate with an unforeseen conclusion, set in 1913 during the first large wave of migration from Greece to America.

The 80 minute play reminds the audience about the struggles of migration as we see Elego remain in Chios while her husband, Demosthenes works tirelessly in the steel mills of Pittsburgh. While separated, their only communication is by mail whereby they share their thoughts, hopes and fears and both long for the moment they will be reunited. As their story unfolds, the audience is made aware that life on Chios is wounded and bewildered after independence from Turkish rule with the effects of poverty, illness and migration visible. Meanwhile, in the industrial city of Pittsburgh we become aware that a multitude of immigrants are struggling at the steel factories and mines with a dream of a better life.

Pittsburgh is directed by multi-talented Arkadia Psaltis who also plays the role of Elego. Joining her on stage in the role of her husband is talented actor Stratos Sopylis as the exuberant Demosthenes.